E1RM Calculator

Use the calculators below to help figure out what your estimated one-rep max would be based on a set with more than one rep. You can calculate the estimated 1RM based on a given weight and rep count if you already have those numbers. If you're doing a weight for AMRAP, you can put that weight in to find out what your E1RM will be for different reps you might hit. If you have a target E1RM that you want to get, you can use the third option to figure out what combination of reps and weight will get that estimated max.


Standard E1RM Calculation
Enter a weight and the number of reps to see the estimated 1RM:

All E1RMs for a Weight
Enter a weight to see all E1RMs of different reps at that weight:

Reverse E1RM Calculation
Enter a desired E1RM to see the weight you would need to lift at each rep count:
Desired E1RM: